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A little while back I put up a small tutorial on making a 1×1 text scroller. This tutorial builds on that foundation and becomes a dynamic 4×4 scroller. Why dynamic? I use this term since it builds each 4×4 character as needed, based on a character from a 1×1 font set. I achieve this by using a matrix of 16 character “patterns” that make up all possible 4×4 bit combinations. This is handy in situations where you’re pressed for memory in your intro and can achieve a 4×4 version of the 1×1 font for only an extra 128 bytes in font data.

4x4 C64 text scroller
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“We Are” is a new intro I’ve written for Hokuto Force. This was first shown at the Flashback demo party, 2015.

We Are

Code: Jesder / 0xC64 / Hokuto Force
Music: Eco / Alpha Flight
Logo: dmd / Atlantis
Charset: Scooby / Light

Main changes from the intro released at Flashback are:
– smaller memory footprint
– new dmd logo
– improved NTSC support
– minor colour & timing tweaks
– a few bug fixes
– intro clean up added
– Member names will now appear as credits for the release it’s attached to.

Follow the link for more information and a download link:

I’ve created a few single file intros now and have been interested in expanding out to something bigger. There are some pretty awesome one file demos around that I’d like to work my way towards, but I’d also like to be able to have the option to load content off disk. From some initial research, I found there were a handful of common loaders around that people used. My first thought was to dive in and learn to use one. Before I do that however, I wanted to take a step back and start from the start to gain a much deeper understanding of how loaders evolved. Many of the demos I grew up with in the late 80’s and early 90’s contained multiple parts that were loaded separately off disk (or tape) and I felt this would be a good starting point.

Simple C64 Loader
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