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“We Are” is a new intro I’ve written for Hokuto Force. This was first shown at the Flashback demo party, 2015.

We Are

Code: Jesder / 0xC64 / Hokuto Force
Music: Eco / Alpha Flight
Logo: dmd / Atlantis
Charset: Scooby / Light

Main changes from the intro released at Flashback are:
– smaller memory footprint
– new dmd logo
– improved NTSC support
– minor colour & timing tweaks
– a few bug fixes
– intro clean up added
– Member names will now appear as credits for the release it’s attached to.

Follow the link for more information and a download link:

A small intro I wrote for Hokuto Force has now been released. Turned out to be a lot bigger than I had planned, but I think there is some nice design around the transitions with the music.

Ursa Minor

Code: Jesder / 0xC64 / Hokuto Force
Music: Richard Bayliss
Logo: dmd / Atlantis

Runs in both PAL and NTSC modes.

Follow the link to view it on, which also contains a download link.

The SYNTAX#14 demo party has officially started here in Melbourne. At a new venue this year (well suited to the event). I’ve been very quiet on the site for a long time. The last few weeks I’ve been busy getting an intro together for the party. It’s done (outside of a few minor tweaks).

Once the party is complete, I’ll be posting the full source code here. I’ll also be putting up a number of posts regarding different things that went into the demo for other beginners to learn from.

So stay tuned.

During the transition to the new hosting provider, it seems a number of my old posts (covering some topics like bitmaps and sprites) have disappeared. I still have the images and source code, but the post content is gone forever 🙁

I can still see the opening paragraph using, but sadly clicking onto the “continue reading” link does not show the content.

I’ll look at recreating them in due course.