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What’s this? A new release and not a demo party in sight? I wanted to maintain some momentum this year with the goal of entering another demo into the next Syntax scene party. To make that possible, I figure it’s wise to keep active on the C64 and do a few smaller releases over the year. So with that, I present to you a small intro – 3172 – which is heavily influenced by old skool intros and cracktros.

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After much scrambling over the last few weeks, I managed to get an entry submitted into the Syntax old skool category. A nice little intro for the C64 – Syntro (Syntax-Intro – my creativity was overflowing 😉 ).

Syntro C64 Demo

The source code can be downloaded via this link: Download

A .d64 image of the demo can be downloaded here: Download

The source code could be cleaned up. If I get motivated, i’ll get around to that. For now though, it’s time to start looking at the number of effects I’d love to learn and begin working towards a new intro for SYNTAX#15
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