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It feels like a long time since my last code post (and I’d say it has been). After being incredibly motivated last year after attending my first Syntax demo party, I got stuck into creating a few simple effects. Other interesting projects came up and my C64 demo coding took a back seat. Five weeks ago I got the email reminder about Syntax and decided there would be enough time to get something together. That did happen and I achieved my goal of entering a production into the Syntax#14 old skool demo category.

The last 5 weeks have been incredibly motivating, so while the energy is strong, I’m going to get back into posting up some details on things I learn once again. I’ve put a few things into the Syntro demo I’d like to cover in separate posts over the coming week or so.

To start with though, an effect (if you could call it that) which I’ve been interested in learning about for awhile is removing the top and bottom borders on the C64 display.

C64 remove borders
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After much scrambling over the last few weeks, I managed to get an entry submitted into the Syntax old skool category. A nice little intro for the C64 – Syntro (Syntax-Intro – my creativity was overflowing 😉 ).

Syntro C64 Demo

The source code can be downloaded via this link: Download

A .d64 image of the demo can be downloaded here: Download

The source code could be cleaned up. If I get motivated, i’ll get around to that. For now though, it’s time to start looking at the number of effects I’d love to learn and begin working towards a new intro for SYNTAX#15
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The SYNTAX#14 demo party has officially started here in Melbourne. At a new venue this year (well suited to the event). I’ve been very quiet on the site for a long time. The last few weeks I’ve been busy getting an intro together for the party. It’s done (outside of a few minor tweaks).

Once the party is complete, I’ll be posting the full source code here. I’ll also be putting up a number of posts regarding different things that went into the demo for other beginners to learn from.

So stay tuned.

A few weeks back I transitioned to a new hosting provider. Today I’ve finally got around to getting 0xc64 back online. I still need to get the old content back up, which should happen within the next 24 hours. I’ve been busy with my other passion in recent months (Pinball repairs) so have not done much on the C64 scene sadly. But hopefully transferring the content across for the site will give me a much needed jolt back into the land of C64 demo coding and back on track to produce something for the up coming Syntax demo party.

C64 Ready

It’s been almost 20 years since I last developed anything for the Commodore 64 in either BASIC or assembly language. I had been toying with the idea of getting my machine out in recent months and revisiting some of my old programs to see how my code design back then stacked up against my skills of today. Last weekend, I attended the Syntax ’13 demo party here in Melbourne and walked away convinced that I MUST pull my C64 out, revisit the system and work on producing a demo to submit at the next Syntax demo party to be held sometime late in 2014.
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